LEXPO Switzerland

For ambitious and dedicated European LL.M. candidates, law students, and legal professionals.

When and where will they take place?
October 26, 2017 | Zurich, Switzerland.

Who will you meet?
We expect a range of U.S law schools, law firms, law students, law clerks, postgraduates, doctoral candidates, young professionals and service providers.

Your benefits

  • get to know U.S. law schools, local law firms, and service providers
  • one-on-one interviews with law schools and local law firms
  • food and beverage catering the day of the fairs
  • networking opportunities

Participation is free of charge for fair and conference attendees.


LEXPO Lawbility

LEXPO is conducted in a trade-fair format, allowing one-on-one discussions between students and representatives from law schools, law firms and service providers. Meet them for attractive international LL.M. programs and opportunities to make advancements in your legal career!

In addition, a conference program with various speakers (law school representatives, LL.M. alumni and legal experts) addressing different topics, answering questions and holding discussions on the benefits of an LL.M. will be taking place.


LEXPO lunch provides a unique opportunity for you to meet representatives from Swiss law firms and law schools, service providers, alumni from American law schools, LL.M. candidates, law students and legal professionals as well as the Lawbility Team.

LEXPO Interviews

This year, in addition to the fairs, to conferences and space for networking, we also provide the possibility for candidates to meet law school representatives and law firms in one-on-one interviews.


At the conference various speakers will address different topics. At the networking reception you will get the opportunities to get in contact with representatives from US law schools, Swiss law firms, and distinguished partners and service providers.

Lexpo Night

  • Prof. Toni Jaeger-Fine, Assistant Dean, Fordham University School of Law
    Making the most of your LL.M. experience

  • Prof. William Johnson, Dean and Professor, Saint Louis University School of Law
    The value of international legal education in today’s transnational practice environment

  • Tiffany Parnell, Assistant Director of International Programs, UCLA School of Law
    Narrowing down your choices for U.S. LL.M. programs: the goldilocks paradigm

  • Nicholas Kajimoto, Student Programs Advisor, USC Gould School of Law
    Alumni perspective: assessing the career impact of earning an LL.M.

A U.S. LL.M. in times of digitalization and global legal career opportunities
  1. Why getting an American LL.M. when the legal world gets more and more digitalized?

  2. Getting an LL.M. under the president Donald Trump. Take it or leave it?

  3. Do candidates learn life skills for their legal profession with a U.S. LL.M.?


  • Dorothy Mayer, Former Assistant Dean of Graduate Programs, Georgetown
    University Law Center

  • Prof. Allan Erbsen, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs,
    University of Minnesota Law School

  • Carrianna Field, Director of Graduate and Exchange Programs,
    University of Connecticut School of Law

  • Andre Odermatt, Attorney at law,
    LL.M. (McGeorge School of Law) at HBM Kerdos AG

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Location Hotel Glockenhof

Sihlstrasse 31, 8001 Zurich

CH - Switzerland


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For more than 40 years, the German-American Lawyers Association (DAJV) has been a leader in transatlantic legal exchange. Most of our 2,500 members have graduated with degrees from US law schools, and many attended our seminars before applying for their American legal education. Join us and a group of highly motivated prospective students for the upcoming annual Seminar and DAJV-LL.M. Fair in Cologne and find out how to finance your LL.M!

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